- Catering -

Salle de restaurant et petits déjeuners.

Salle de restaurant et petits déjeuners.

Our catering service is reserved exclusively for hotel guests.

For catering, to better serve you, please ask us 48 hours in advance.


(subject to change)

STARTERS, (or to nibble as an aperitif):

Local charcuterie board Maison Carteaud in Brantôme - €12.00

Plate of matured Cul Noir (Gaec Dufour – La Meyze) - €17.00

Homemade southwest foie gras in a tea towel - €12.50

Entrance of the day - €8.50


Stir-fried farm veal from Limousin, Bordeaux white wine and porcini mushrooms, creamy polenta - €18.00

South-western free-range chicken breast (free-range) with cabécou cream and penne - €17.00

Shredded duck parmentier with south-western smoked breast and shallots - €17.00


Plate of Dordogne cheeses (Cabécou, Au Bouchon, Trappe d'Echourgnac - €8.00

Chocolate cake - €7.00

Tarte tatin - €7.00

Homemade ice creams from Maison Manouvrier - €2.50 per scoop

For our organization, we kindly ask you to reserve the restaurant at least 48 hours in advance.